Day 193: Children’s Hair Clippies

by thecraftaholic


“Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk”

What did the Dalai Lama mean when he said this? We all long to achieve amazing things with our art and creativitity. But what is needed to achieve the wonderment that Fridha Khalo, Pablo Picasso and Martha Stewart achieved? It is summed up into two words: passion and determination.

Passion alone really doesn’t get you too far. Determination AND passion must be present in order to achieve great things. That’s what I admire about Martha Stewart. It’s not just what she does, but HOW she got there. I love that she built all that she has now, from her determination to succeed. It came at a price, perhaps in looking at her personal life. But I think that your drive and determination to achieve what you want, actually highlights the things in your life that are flawed. Speaking from the heart, I feel that sometimes our passion for our art and our craft blinds us from our personal life. It is then that we must strive to achieve balance in life. We must keep both in our hearts-our love and our career.

Today, I made some more hair clippies. These are for little girls. I made these same exact ones for my daughter, and everytime she wears them, I get compliments, saying that I should list them for sale. I have several craft fairs coming up in April, and I’ve decided to make a bunch of these little hair clippies to sell in my craft fairs.

What do you think? You like them?

I am quite busy! Really and truly! I am sewing away at my machine, making books like a mad woman, and prepping for a bunch of craft fairs in April. Today I’m off to the Fashion district for some E-6000 glue, because it’s cheaper there than anywhere else. I also would love some new fabric, so we’ll see what I find.

Until tomorow,

The Craftaholic