The Adventures of Day-O Jack & Zero

by thecraftaholic

You be Dayo Jack and I’ll be Zero
send me to forever land
and I will follow
You be Dayo Jack, Daddy
& I’ll be Zero
Take me to the Buddha place
I’ll rest in your arms and
whilst you hold my innocence
mother holds my soul
and while you drive away the monsters
mother will teach me to charm them
You be dayo jack and I’ll be Zero
follow my lead, Daddy
Be carefree with me

*this poem is inspired by my daughter and her love of Tim Burton films. She in particular loves “The Nightmare before Christmas” and has seen it at least a thousand times.
She wakes up each morning asking my husband to be “Dayo Jack” (dayo is her word for “Esqueleto” which means skeleton in spanish). She always wants to be Zero, Jack’s pet dog.
So she wakes up every morning saying “You be dayo jack and I’ll be zero”.