Day 188: A Chunky Book Work in Progress

by thecraftaholic


“Because violence can only breed more violence and suffering, our struggle must be nonviolent and free of hatred.”

We must learn to cope with life in peace and compassion, rather than with lashing out with the anger that we feel. Art & writing is a wonderful way of expressing what we feel inside. All forms of creativity, in my opinion, is healing and soothing for the soul. It’s something that helps “tame the savage beast” as the saying goes for music, I also feel that it applies to art and creaitivity.

Next time you are feeling aggravated, frustrated, or angry, instead of verbalizing it, or expressing it outwardly, try using your creativity as a method to heal and tame that savage beast inside.

Speaking of creativity, I have been quite busy. Actually, I am posting this the day after it’s supposed to be posted! I have a lot of projects coming up.

One thing I was excited about, was a sponsor that I’ve got for my blog! Cool, right?

This big box of stuff was courtesy of the DMC Thread Corporation! Cool, right? So due to this, I’ll be working on some needlepoint tutorials soon. I’ve got some transfer paper, and so I’m going to have my darling husband come up with a cool design to do with embroidery, and perhaps I’ll share the pattern with you all. What do you think?

I did cut up some paper for a workshop I have, and prepped a special etsy order that I have coming up. Actually, I have two special orders in my etsy shop! Good grief!

On top of that, I worked on a little chunky book that I’m designing for a kit to provide for you all. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

What do you think? It’s not finished. I still have pretty ribbons and fun things to adorn it with.

The Craftaholic