Day 187: Make a Chunky Book

by thecraftaholic


“The main teachers of patience are our enemies.”

This is because we are so stubborn. Stubborn mules, we are! The only way we learn to tolerate different sorts of people is when we are on an airplane to someplace like France or Tibet, with a fussy baby next to us, and a man who talks to much. Or when a crazy lady on the subway decides to nudge us, so she can have our seat on the train.

PATIENCE. Perhaps the reason why I was given the mother that I was, is to learn to be patient. To learn to accept people with different beliefs and different standards than I. We all have a person in our life that teaches us patience. Try to learn it, and not get aggravated. The universe tries to teach us lessons. Let’s learn them.

Today, I made a paper item. A cute little chunky scrapbook.

Cute, right? I really like this one a lot actually. Actually, I have a kit listed in my shop, for you to make a little book just like this one!

What else? I am getting ready to sell my wares at the Brooklyn Indie Market this year. That means, I better get crackin! I have tote bags and journals to make, which means I must cut this post a bit short. But don’t worry, I will be creating more little kits for you.

The Craftaholic