Day 182: Remake Your Clothing

by thecraftaholic


“Compassion should be unbiased and based on the recognition that others have the right to happiness, just like yourself.”

Unbiased. I love that. What does that mean? That means I don’t put any specifications or judgement on actions of compassion. Right? So then, stop thinking so hard! Don’t think twice about helping someone, just do it. Just help. Don’t think so hard. I think that we think to hard about things. We analyze things too much. Sometimes it’s okay to just impulsively be compassionate. Let’s practice impulsive compassion.

So today’s crafty endeavor is a wonderful little workshop I held out of my home.

We took out some stencils and remade our jeans and stuff! Cool, right?

Here’s some shots of what we did:

My friend’s daughter, doing some splatter paint on her shirt. It’s hip, you know?

Another mother/daughter act. Cool, right?

I really like it. Now I want to find all my jeans, and paint them up.

I have to also mention that I have such a wonderful husband! You know, my husband happened to buy me new felting needles! I am so excited! What a man, what a man. I’m happy, I want to make more little felted roses! Perhaps I can make one for one of you….? Maybe?

Anyhow, that’s all for now. Baby and I are dancing to Lady Gaga. I know, I know…but actually, it’s pretty cool to dance to when you are feeling tired and cranky!

And it’s good because my daughter can’t understand the curses. So we are sitting here, listening to Lady Gaga, dancing, and eating pringles. Talk about comforting.

The Craftahlic