Day 181: A Needle Felted Rose Corsage

by thecraftaholic


“When you encounter problems, if you point your finger at yourself and not at others, this gives you control over yourself and calmness.”

You know what? I’m not trying to be lazy, but the truth is, The Dalai Lama says it all here. He really does. We are too quick to put the blame on others. This is so easy for us, isn’t it? It’s hard sometimes to accept that perhaps we are to blame for the problems in our life.

Other people are not to blame for the negative things in your life. It’s your life. You make the choices. Not someone else. It’s better to realize what we are doing wrong, then to push the blame on someone else, and attract more misery to your life.

Today’s crafty endeavor involves needle felting. Cool, right? I LOVE needlefelting. But every time I try it something goes wrong! Last time my pad wore down, so I need a new one. Then I got the idea today of using a folded up towel. So that worked great. But then what happened? My stupid needles broke! Can you believe it? So of course, I must venture out this weekend, and purchase new needles, so I can continue my needle felting frenzy.

Anyhow, I made a needle felted rose corsage.

You like it? I made it into a little pin for myself, to put on my jacket or purse. But I had so much fun making it, I am quite upset that my needles broke! I wanted to continue my frenzy! But now I have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyhow, I hope you all have a nice weekend.

The Craftaholic