Day 180: Mail Art Mini Book & Gilded Box

by thecraftaholic


“You can transplant hearts, but you cannot transplant a warm heart.”

The message here to me, is that what is already there, is already there. That means, you cannot remove a heart that has evolved to goodness and kindness.

That means, that no matter what life throws your way, no matter how weak you are, your heart is always strong, when you’ve trained it to be so.

As I wrote yesterday, and the day before, we must live with kindness and goodness in our mind, we must breathe it and live it, and in this way, we will find our life to become more positive, we will see the world around us change. Be bold enough to change yourself from within through changing your heart to a warm, kind heart. BE the change, don’t just crave it.

So yesterday I taunted you about being part of an art show. Actually, this will be my very first, so I hope my installment is “up to snuff”.

This is the box that contains the book I made.

This is the book.

I decided to make what I love to make most, and that is books; in particular, I love to make small little books. It’s fun. So I encased the little book with a candy box. It’s a Jolly Rancher’s Candy box. I love to recycle, and this project was a lot of fun.

You like it? You think it’s enough?

Oh! And about the art show. It’s by a group called “Deeply Superficial People“. The show is called “Dispatch” and is going to be in California, at a place called BodyTribe.

Neat, huh?

I have some fun little crafty things I’ve listed for sale, for your crafting inspiration, also!

This is a paper flower that I cut and hand rubbed some beautiful color that has a nice hint of shimmer to it. This one is lavender.

And this one is pink. Pretty, right?

I have some other things for sale in my shop, so check it out! I hope it brings you crafty inspiration.

The Craftaholic