Day 179: Make a Book of YOU-Part 2

by thecraftaholic


“There’s no shop that sells kindness, you must built it within.”

How does one build kindness? It is implied in the quote above, that one must create it. When you build something, you are creating something that isn’t there yet.

So then, how do you build kindness?


In, it’s defined as:

of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person: a kind and loving person. indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane.
Wonderful! So how can we “build” these things into our heart?
When you fall in love, we say that someone is in our heart, or stole our heart or some cliche like that. This is because the person is in our mind and in our life so much, that they become a part of our heart. In the same way, the aforementioned actions should become a part of our mind and part of our life so much, that it then becomes ingrained in our hearts. It becomes our heart.
Today’s crafty endeavor is a continuation from last night. I’ve been really into chunky books lately. I love making them.
So today, I added pictures and pretty lace. And here’s a story: I was walking around with my hubby and little one, and went to one of my favorite little fabric stores. I don’t sew much, but they have such cool things, I always buy something. Anyway, they had some beautiful lace trimming at only 20 cents a yard! I bought like 10 yards.
Anyway, put the pages together with some pretty lace or ribbon. On the pages, I added some pictures of myself and a couple of my daughter cuz you know, she’s a part of me. This book is all about ME. No one else’s goals but mine.
I know it’s a shitty picture, sorry.
Here’s what it looks like, all finished:
Cool, right? The cover is a paper doll fairy that I made a long time ago.
Sorry the pictures are crappy and the posts are late. I’ve been trying to spend more time at home with my little one, teaching her the abc’s and stuff like that.
Anyhow, I’m super excited for tomorow! I will be working on a very cool piece that’s going to be a part of an upcoming mail art exhibit, in California.
I was so uninspired to be honest with you, until I bought a box of candy. So it’s on like donkey kong.
More about the exhibit tomorow.
Ta, kids. I’m watching Sheer Genius and hoping to work up the bravery to get a hair cut soon.
OH yeah! I wanted to mention, that if you don’t have chipboard, just use some cereal boxes.
The Craftaholic