Day 177: Make a Recipe Scrapbook PART 2

by thecraftaholic


“If you have the basic quality of kindness or good heart, then all other things will go in the right direction.”

It’s so true. SO true. I talk about New York City in my blog a lot because there’s so much to write about. New York is a fast paced city. It’s always moving. Here, there is always a store open somewhere, cabs parked on the street corners, people walking down the street….it could be 3 am in the morning, and you’ll still see them. And there is ALWAYS someone on their cell phones.

The subways here in New York, they run underground, as you know. But if you live in parts of brooklyn, queens or the bronx, you end up riding on the subway, in the great outdoors. So, as soon as the train hits outside, every yuppie wips out their phone and starts talking obnoxiously loud.

Anyway, my point is that it’s a face paced place here where I call home. But in all the hurriedness, in all the scurry, we can still find the time to practice kindness.

It’s okay to go out of your way. It’s okay. Living in New York, I have encountered so many people that are…frozen almost. Like they have been so plowed down by the crazy people, the asshole bosses (because NYC is the mecca of shit bosses),  dirty subway trains, rats in the alley….rent hikes, train fare hikes, car insurance, cable, ridiculously expensive “health” food. I suppose anyone could get bogged down and forget to be kind.

When you are out and about, think about and try to have a good heart. I mean, try to have a good heart.

What’s it mean to have a good heart? Well, good is what? Good is defined as:

morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious
satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree
of high quality; excellent.
right; proper; fit
honorable or worthy; in good standing
healthful; beneficial
So try to keep these things with you, in your heart with your intentions. With your spirit and soul.
Anyway, I finished my book.
To finish this book, you’ll need to cut up some regular sized cardstock or designer scrapbook paper.
Punch holes in them, and decide what recipe clippings you’ll want to paste on them.
Here’s what it looks like, all pasted up:
Yeah, the serial # is there, but it still looks good right?
After that, punch holes in the cards, if you have any. To me, it doesn’t matter if they stick out. I rather like it that way.
Add a little ribbon to the edges of the pages, if you like, or to the cardboard sections. Add embellishments. Put the rest of the recipes in the sections.
You should have all the elements all ready.
Now, just put it together!
What do you think?
Like it?
The Craftaholic