Day 176: Make a Recipe Scrapbook-PART 1

by thecraftaholic


“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

I went to chinatown today. I absolutely LURVE chinatown. When my daughter was small enough to be toted around in a baby carier, I went to chinatown every summer and spring day that I could. That, and The ocean are my two favorite places (well, except for the art supply store, hehe).

Kindness. I have to say the one thing that brings out the “ghetto” in me (so to speak) is crowds. I can’t stand it when a tourist stops dead in their tracks in front of me. I like to walk really fast, and just plow through the crowds, you know?  I don’t mean that I litterally hit them. I just mean that I like to get thru the crowd quickly. This of course, is not an easy task on a sunday afternoon in chinatown with your daughter and husband. And no stroller for your 2 year old who walks slowly and likes to stop and look at all the odd things for sale in the chinatown fish markets.

Kindness isn’t when it’s easy for you. Kindness isn’t when it’s convenient. Kindness means go out of your way a little bit. I realized today that this is no easy task for the typical New Yorker. We are so transfixed on getting to our destination and getting there NOW that we fail to just…stop and smell the very cliche flowers.

So in keeping with yesterday’s post, I tell you this: don’t expect in life what you are not willing to give yourself. If it is kindness and friendship that you wish for, then it is kindness and friendship that you must give to the world. A positive or negative environment can change, simply with you.

Today’s crafty endeavor, is part one, of making a recipe scrapbook. It’s in two parts for two reasons; one-you can’t really make a cook chunky scrapbook in one day, with a kid at home and a family. two-I went out to chinatown today, so you all will just have to wait.

For the first part, you’ll need:

Book rings


pretty paper

pretty envelopes


and little random embellishments

Anyhow, the first thing you must do, is gather up a good sized cardboard box. Save one. Or two, depending on how big you want it to be. Cut up the cardboard to the size you want it.

And, punch holes in it. Or, you could cover it with paper, then punch holes. That’s probably what I should have done. Ohwell.

Here, I’ve covered the cardboard pieces with some pretty paper. I don’t have any more food related paper, so I just used whatever the heck I could find, since my pretty papers are totally unorganized.

Anyway, gather your recipe clippings. I had some recipes that I had gotten in the mail, that I also included. You know, the ones where they try to sell you the cards every month, and they send you the little thingie to go with the recipe cards? Anyway, I had some of those that I actually really liked. So I put them aside, so I can punch holes in them later.

The next step, is whipping out your fancy envelopes. I call them fancy because they are envelopes made with pretty paper. The ones I used are from a swap I was in a long time ago. I saved them for a rainy day.

I glued the envelopes, and posted a couple of embellishments. I’m not done yet tho, remember-this is only part one.

This one has a thick ribbon rapped around the outer edge of the cardboard.

Here’s the front cover:

Nice, right? I added glittered letters from Thickers, and went over the edge with a red ink pad from Target.

The rest, you shall see tomorow. In the meantime, start organizing all your recipes, and get out ALL the food related stickers, stamps and brads you’ve got.

So, that’s all folks. You shall see the finished product mañana.

The Craftaholic