Day 175:A Shrine for a Cupcake

by thecraftaholic


“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”

I think this is recycled. In fact, I know it is.

I live in a cold dark city-New York. It’s a lonely city, where people don’t really believe in being very nice. For example: today I was on my way to a workshop (to teach), and there is this woman. She takes the F train up, and when she gets on the train, she acts like an animal, trying to get a seat. She’ll knock you over if she has to, just to get a seat. And you know what? She stays on the train for about one or two stops. Then gets off, after having ruffled your feathers. She actually almost knocked my daughter’s stroller once, and almost knocked a little girl over today, just plowing to a seat.

This is what I mean, though. We have such an animalistic approach to things, but actually, even cats and dogs are affectionate. We don’t have to act like gorillas ALL the time. Try to be nice sometimes, especially if you live in NYC. If you’re a guy in New York, please get up for a woman. Don’t just stare at her, with all her bags and crap, and sit on the train listening to your corny music while she stands, struggling to carry all her shit.

BE NICE. Go out of your way for a person. Show affection.

Also, let’s not be art snobs, eh? As artists and crafters, we get so honed in on the one thing we do. Don’t look down on the newbie crafter. You were there too.

And don’t turn crafting in to cattiness. Art and creativity are amazing and wonderful things. I’ve been to meetups where people shit on the idea of creativity by being catty and petty. Pettiness is not what creativity is about. Creativity is a wonderful and amazing thing that has to do with YOU connecting with your inner spirit. That’s what creativity SHOULD be about. Not you trying to be, or wishing to be, or trying to fit in. We shouldn’t have to try to fit in with a art group. It’s just a natural thing. Don’t go to an art group or craft group expecting people to live up to your standards.

People are people. Everyone is different. Accept others in your sanctuary of creativity, and you’ll find lasting friendships.

I know that I teased yesterday about a recipe thingamabob, but actually I had forgotten that today I had indeed, a workshop with my art group.

So here’s some pics of us in action:

Coffee of course.

My good friend Michelle, working on her masterpiece.

My friend Winter. Yes, that is her real name. Yes, she always smiles like that.

And now, for the best part, the finished work:

This was mine. I was in a cupcake kind of mood. The workshop I taught today, was a shrine class. We made shrines out of larger sized matchboxes.

I love making these boxes. I could make them all day.

This one is Winter’s. She’s not finished yet. Got any suggestions on what she could add to it?

The Craftaholic