Day 172: Mosaic Tile Coasters aka The Back Up Project

by thecraftaholic


“Even though a bird can fly, it must land on earth.”

What does this mean, really? I have always wanted to be a bird. In fact, I dream about being a bird in flight sometimes. When I’m feeling at my worst, I can count on this one dream where I am at the edge of a cliff in Colorado, and I spread my hands that become giant Raven wings. Cool, right? What’s even better is that when I wake up I can feel the wings on my back. I love that dream so much.

When we think of birds, we think of their ability to fly. It’s funny that we don’t think of their ability to land. Life isn’t just about flying above when you are down, but also being able to land without crashing. The biggest lesson we learn as adults is something Bea Arthur said in the golden girls (I’m a HUGE fan), “sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we plan.” In your dealings with this one thought, think about this-think about landing. You can’t escape your problems. That’s not what being a bird is about.

Being a bird, is being able to fly in rain and wind, being able to make a home from the scraps that are left, and still being able to sing. It means being able to fly AND to land.

Today’s crafty endeavor is a lesson learned. I started this AWESOME project today. SO cool. It’s an album, but a really cool one. Anyway, I ran out of silver chunky foil glitter. Damn. So, I figured I’d go to the store, and get some. I did. I came back, and it was time to clean, cook, blah, blah, blah. So I didn’t have time to fully finish it. But I will, I promise!

Anyhow, today’s crafty endeavor is a back up craft project that I made with my little one. I actually make most of my projects with my little one either helping me, or standing right next to me, watching asking me the eternal question why (she’s in that phase now).

So here it is, my set of mosaic tile coasters. It’s my first time with mosaic, can you tell?

I don’t have pinzers (or whatever they are called) to cut the tiles, so alas, the little squares remain whole.

Here’s a better picture:

Cool, right?

This set of tiles is made from a kit that my friend gave me. I normally don’t work with “kits” but this one was way cool, and was sitting in my closet, just calling me.

My little one and I had so much fun making this!

I have some very cool stencils that I just got. Can’t wait to play with them!

So today’s crafty lesson is to ALWAYS have a backup project.

The Craftaholic