Day 171: Make a Paper Goddess

by thecraftaholic


“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”

Change. I’ve used this quote before, I know. But the thing is, change can be fearful sometimes.

I’ve changed some. I’ve learned to focus more. Focusing, for the multi medium artist such as I, is quite dificult. It’s hard, because when you like to make art with many mediums, you tend to be scatterbrained. My husband is always telling me, “Diana you need to learn to focus, so you can accomplish more”. He’s a taurus. Tauruses are great with that.

I’m a sagitarius. We are scatterbrained by nature. But that’s okay. I’ve finally learned how to take all that scatterbrained fury and focus it on my art and my goals for myself and my career. How?

Well, it helps to know what you want. What do you want in life? Okay, good. Do you REALLY want it? I mean…do you want it with your mind, body and soul? Is it your passion?

So then, how do you get there? You want success with your art, to make art for a living. Before you subscribe to all the newsletters and self help guides that all say the same thing, remember this: you know how to get there. Seek within yourself. Focus on what you want. Focus on it, the way a race horse focuses on his goal ahead.

What are the things that hinder you from reaching this goal? There are of course, every day things, like your spouse, your children, etc. But I’ll use myself as an example. Do you know what I want in life? What I want in life (in regards to my art) is to be able to make a decent living wage off of what I do, and to teach the world that art is within everyone.

So then, how do I get there? Hmm…well, mainly, my art (I feel) lies with working with paper, and knitting. So then, this means that this should be my focus. This should be my emphasis. You see what I mean?

I had two meetup groups before. One was my original group that I opened a while back. The other is a recent take over, after someone stepped down. I renamed the group, changed the focus of it, and decided to make it my group. So if I wanted to focus on myself better, that would mean deleting the other group, since it was not so active anymore, and really, I wanted to create a group that had my name, The Craftaholic, and really revealed my true calling, and my true passion in life. So I did just that. I started this new group, called “The Craftaholic’s School of Art & Creativity”, although as I mentioned before, it was previously someone else’s art group on meetup. She stepped down, and I took over. But this is what I mean. I focused on my goal. My goal is me, and my art. Not doing silly little workshops, teaching someone to make cards. This group is about me, and my art.

So you see how I learned to focus?

Also, my etsy shop is about my paper craft. I have a separate forlorn and neglected etsy shop for my knitwear.

Focus. Before you act, think about this: is this empowering my art, or just scattering my brain even further?

So that’s all.

Today I made a Paper Doll Goddess for a swap that I’m in.

I used a template from the Enchanted Gallery, and some paper from Prima Marketing.

I cut out the dolls of course, and then embossed it with a flower embossing plate with my bigshot. The plate is from stampin up. I actually put the doll through twice, to add more embossed lines.

After that, I distressed and inked the edges with green pigment ink.

Then, I went over a couple of the embossed lines with glitter, from Martha Stewart of course.

What else? I really struggled with the head. I realized with this project that I am SO not good with heads and faces. I stamped and cut out a face with a 1 3/4″ circle punch. Then, some flower stickers add a nice touch to the head and neck.

The ribbon around the waist, is in case the person wants to hang it. I like things that are purposeful, you know? In her hands, she holds the word DREAM, because she reminds you to dream big.

Her head is more like a moon, which I sort of like. But honestly, I’m not too crazy about her face.

What do you think? You like it?