Day 166: A Set of Flower Gift Tags and a Poem

by thecraftaholic


“The sky is clear, I see the stars, and I have a special feeling—of my insignificance in the cosmos.”

One of my favorite memories, is of me and my old friend Mindy, when I had gone to visit her. It was about 1 o clock in the morning, and we sat in the front of a lake, looking at the stars. I remember seeing a shooting star. In fact, I saw about 2.

It is so much more amazing to see the stars in the sky when you are not close to New York City, since the lights of the city block you from truly seeing the beauty of the cosmos. It’s amazing. The darkness of the sky, the stars shining, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a shooting star.

It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? I mean, we really are quite small. But we insist on being larger than life. And we can be, in the sense of having zeal for life and love.

But when it comes to trials and negative things that occur, we must realize that we are small. Things happen, but really, it’s not the end of the world. We can take comfort in the things we do have. I realize that when things get me down, what makes me feel better, is to notice the good I have, the blessings and the happiness that surrounds me.

Here’s a poem I wrote.

I am small

I am small but larger than life


am small

small like

a little baby raven

I see the raven, nesting at my

air conditioner that

rests in and out of  my new york city apartment

the city, filled with heartbroken people

masking their hurt with vanity and name brands

I’m that girl in the corner that tells you as it is

I’m that girl, busy writing

busy making art

busy with life, too busy to hurt

so I

bury my hurt in my art

and my art



with paint brushes and colored pencils that wash my heart clean

Today’s crafty endeavor is another set of tags. Sorry to repeat, but this was so much fun.

Cute right? These flowers are cut with my Big Shot Machine, and then crumpled up in my hand. After that I went over the edges with an ink pad.

I love these! I think I’m going to make a whole bunch more.

In other news, I finished another cowl! The next project is to remain nameless, as I have no idea what I’m making yet. But it’s on my needles. I’ll post pics of the knitwear tomorrow.

The Craftaholic