Day 164: A Quilled Bird

by thecraftaholic


“All People and things are interdependent. The world has become so small that no nation can solve its problems alone, in isolation from others. That is why I believe we must all cultivate a sense of responsibility based on love and compassion for each other.”

I’ve said before what I think compassion is. It isn’t just feeling a feeling and not doing anything about it.

Living in New York City, it is easy to become selfish and self centered; it’s not because you don’t care. There is so much here, and so much to do, and so much hustle and bustle, that we get ultra focused on what we are doing, and where we are going, so that we almost forget about the thousands and thousands of homeless and disadvantaged New Yorkers.

Now, I’m not saying give up your job and start a homeless shelter. But do something. For me, I’m knitting. I want to knit and knit and knit scarfs and cowls, and then this winter, I’d like to have at least 100 scarves to just randomly give out to homeless new yorkers. I so far have about 10, which is why I didn’t do it this winter. Also, I’d love to have more participation.

What can you do? Do something. Compassion and love are feelings AND actions.

Today’s crafty endeavor, is from another new medium. Today, I looked through an old book of mine, and got inspired to try some paper quilling. I remembered that I have a little quilling tool kit here at home. So here’s my quilling adventure today, an abstract quilled bird:

What do you think? I personally love it. Of course, I have no idea what to do with it. Perhaps I’ll put in on a card. I’ve done so many swaps, that I ran out of cards! Ha!

If you’re interested in quilling, but think it’s a little too “country craft” for you, you should check out flickr. I looked up paper quilling on flickr, and was surprised at the amazing things people do with paper quilling.

Also, check out this blog, where she did a better job than me, of finding cool and inspiring paper quilling projects.

I hope you feel inspired today to make something!

In other news, here’s me with my daughter, who insisted on being photographed today with her mommy. She’s smooching.

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