Day 161: Happy Love Day

by thecraftaholic


“I believe that constant effort, tireless effort, pursuing clear goals with sincere effort is the only way.”

Focus, focus, focus! We must focus on our goals. Too often we set these expectations, and we end up not really pursuing it as we should. The key to following any goal is focus. Focus on your goals, and reach for them. We must reach for our goals in a real way.

What are YOUR goals? What are your dreams? What do YOU long for in life? Do it. Reach for it. Make it happen. My biggest inspiration for this is my mother. Now, I don’t have the best relationship with her, but I do admire things in her. My mother came to this country from Colombia, not knowing anyone or anything. She worked hard.

She eventually met my dad, and had me. Then, after still not knowing the english language that well, went on to be a mother, work part time, and attended Kean University to become a teacher. Now, she’s not a rocket scientist. But she made the dean’s list. I once went to a community college where a professor there claimed that it was impossible to work, have children, and attend college. I told her it wasn’t so, that my mother went, and exelled, and she pretty much accused my mother of embellishing the truth.

My point is that my mother worked hard. She didn’t wait to be handed a happy life from anyone. Instead, she picked herself up, got an education, and worked really hard at what she wanted. It cost her time. But it was worth it. She looked at her life in the big picture, and she kept on going. Her life’s work, her goals for her family, and her true calling, are all what fueled her to keep on, even though she struggled with english, and even she had so much more to do at home, beside just write a thesis.

So take an example from this. Work hard. Focus on your goals. As paul said in the bible, set your eyes on the prize. You’re so worth your own success.

Today’s crafty endeavor, is just a sneak peak at something I’m working on. I have recently taken up origami. Cool right? I’m working on a piece for a swap this week, and a friend suggested origami. So I took her up on that! Here’s a snapshot of my work so far:

I know the picture isn’t much, but hey. You know what? Today I went out with my husband  ALONE for the first time in close to three years. We went out to see the movie, The Wolfman. So my gift to my hubby today was no craftiness. I didn’t even knit on the subway. So nice of me, right?

What did you all do for V-Day? Today is also the Lunar New Year. I think I’ve got the new year off to a good start. Do you?

Oh! And tomorow, I’ll be announcing the winner for my Owl journal giveaway! So comment tonight, or else you snooze, you lose!

The Craftaholic