Day 158: A Valentine Portfolio

by thecraftaholic


““Human potential is the same for all. Your feeling, “I am of no value”, is wrong. Absolutely wrong. You are deceiving yourself. We all have the power of thought – so what are you lacking? If you have willpower, then you can change anything. It is usually said that you are your own master.”

What does this mean to YOU? What part sticks out to you? To me, it’s the notion that I have the power, the willpower to change things. I can literally change anything.

What do you want to change in your life? What do you want to make happen? You can do it. Not just by having faith that some invisible force will come and make your dreams come true for you, but by getting off your ass, and actually changing things. Do it. Be the change in your life. Don’t just wish for it, hope for it, write about it. Be the change.

My husband is a classically trained artist. He paints. He makes the most amazing artwork. Well, amazing to me, anyway. Recently, I was looking at an old photo of his, back from his high school days. I saw this cool shot of a girl and her artwork, and immediately I felt so intimidated. I love art. I love that there are people who can look at the world around them and draw it from their perception. It’s amazing to me. Automatically I thought, well I wish I could do that.

But the thing is, it’s all about your mind. Right? You can make things happen with the power of your mind and your will. If I doubt my artistic talent, I am of course, not going to produce anything worthwhile. Right?

But then, if I choose to believe in myself and my talent, that alone will get me to create more beauty with paper and paint.

Today’s crafty endeavor is a Valentine Portfolio. I made this for my husband, to commemerate the (almost) 12 years that we have together. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’ve been with him that long.

The black and white picture here, is a picture print out that was taken a LONG time ago. We were still dating here. It was after my husband had finished playing a show on the Lower East Side.

The little spats of green are drawings that he made, which I cut out and pasted.

The above picture, is from when we were dating also. We had gone away to upstate New York in this shot. The picture below it, is of us, when we were engaged. We had gotten so frustrated with wedding plans, that we just spontaneously went to Boston on a greyhound bus.

The envelope contains love letters and ticket stubs that I collected when we were dating. On the envelope, I included one of our wedding invitations.

You like it?  These things are never really finished. There are always more memories, more letters, more stubs to add to it. That’s what’s so fun about this.

Here’s what it looks like closed:

Pretty paper, right? I know. It’s nice. Can’t get to my desk though, to tell you who makes it. Sorry.

I think it’s by a company called “Fancy Pants Designs”. I think.

I’m off to a doctor’s appointment. I’m ashamed to say that I detest going to the doctor. I really do. But it should be nice to see Manhattan all covered with snow and slush.

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