Day 154: Make a Knitted Purse

by thecraftaholic


“…because our deeper identity and true character lie in the subjective nature of the mind.”

This is because we put our identity too much onto our property, and material goods. The person you are is NOT the clothing your wear, nor the food you eat. You are simply who you are, and that is all.

I’m leaving today’s quote short and sweet, because I think it’s best. Just think about what who you are, after all the designer clothing, the labels, the name brands…when all is removed, what is left? WHO is left?

Today, I’m posting another pattern! Yay!

This pattern  is UBER simple. It really shouldn’t even be a pattern.

This little purse was made for a “make a purse” swap.

I’m calling it the Country Girl Knitted Purse, because it, unlike most of my knitwear, was not inspired by city life, but by country life.

So here it is

The Country Girl’s Knitted Purse

I used two strands of Lion Brand’s Amazing Yarn, held together with 10 mm. needles

CO 31 sts.

Do a stockinette stitch for about 25-30 inches.

Sew up the sides, either with a crochet hook and a slip stitch, or with a darning needle.

Then, attach handles. I used some bamboo circle shaped purse handles.

To attach them, I put them on the inside, and just sewed around it, to make a lovely little edged ruffle at the top. Cute, right?

That’s all!

Then, a little crocheted flower makes it sing. I didn’t and don’t ever sew the flowers. I attached the flower to a hair clip, so that if my swap partner decides she wants her purse a bit more simple, then she’s got it.

I don’t have the pattern for the flower, because I kind of just made  it up. I think I chained 3, did 2 sc in each of the next round, then 5 or 6 sc in each of the next. I THINK. Try it, and see what happens.

I’m currently working on a nother city inspired knit, then I have an idea for another purse I want to make. I’ll post patterns for both. My current project was inspired by a japanese hipster I saw on the upper west side the other day. I’m so excited for this project. But I won’t tell you what it is. Not yet.

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