Day 151: Paper Doll Inspiration Journal

by thecraftaholic


“Material comforts are not sufficient to satisfy us. We need something deeper—human affection.”

Materialism is everywhere. Everywhere you look in the egotistical world, there is materialism. Materialism makes sure that you buy certain brands, wear certain types of clothing, etc.

Materialism. It’s in Trader joes, it’s in Kmart. It’s in Micheals, Joannes, and Dick Blick. It’s everywhere. Living a simple lifestyle ensures that we keep ourselves in check, and that we have what we need.

We have to make sure that realize that although having two types of paper cutting machines, designer papers, and over 50 sets of stamps are nice, it is also nice to remember that the most famous artists didn’t have half of the fancy tools we have today. You know what I mean? Simplicity is nice sometimes.

Today I made a collaged paper doll dream journal. Now, here’s the story with this thing: I had bought this album like, last year, and embellished the cover. But I wasn’t too crazy about it at all. So today, needing something to embellish, I ripped off the previous embellishments, and made this.

I just got a whole bunch of stamps that I ordered from Catherine Moore, and so I went to work, embellishing the cover.  I decided that this is going to be my inspiration journal. I have one I started last year, and collaged some pages on it.

But I feel like this year, I’ve changed, and my inspiration sources have changed. So I made a new one.

I really, really, like this album a lot. I really do. She has butterflies and a bird around her, because I think she’s a little like me. I am always surrounded by spirit birds and butterflies. This book is why I love to hoard things. The ribbon is from a kit I got a long time ago. The lace ribbon is from a swap. The butterflies are from Studio 112. The background is also from a swap. It’s fun to save little things like these, and then put them all together.

I think I must have about 5 journals all going at the same time. My poor daughter will read them one day, and not know what order to put them in.

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