Day 147: Make a Set of Valentine Recipe Cards

by thecraftaholic


“To me there is no different whether president, beggar, or king.”

You see? This is what I am always saying. It’s a NO to labels. The is no difference between the “true” classically trained artist, and the self taught, outsider artist and crafter. There is no difference between neighborhoods, rich or poor, or colors upon our skin. Many people say this, and think they believe it.

To truly believe in what the Dalai Lama is saying, we must put an end to labels and names. Just end it. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood in brooklyn you come from. No one cares. Seriously. They don’t. It doesn’t matter what brand of clothing you are wearing, or how you look, or what craft you think you are an expert on.

The truth is, there are millions of us treading and walking on this earth. Millions and billions. Why does it really matter how much money we waste on clothing, makeup and transportation? Why does it matter what neighborhood you live in, or what religion you are? No one cares. Move on, okay? There is more to life than how much money you throw away living in some “prestigious” neighborhood in Brooklyn. Frankly, I’d rather live a little further away, and know that I’ve got some extra money for things like food, clothing and the occasional hot date with my husband.

Today’s creative endeavor is a set of Valentine Recipe cards! Yay! And a tutorial again! yay!


Recipe Card Stamp-Stampin’ Up

Heart-Sock Monkey Stamp Set, Stampin Up

Black Ink Pad

Workable Fixative

Oil Pastels


Prism Glitter-Close to My Heart

Decorative Paper

Watercolor paper

Creme Colored Cardstock

Pop Up Glue Dot

Ironic that two competing companies make up this set, huh?


Anyway, all you do, is stamp the recipe card 10 times, and stamp the heart 10 times. Then, you color the heart with a red oil pastel crayon, and blend it in with your finger. Spray with workable fixative, and let it dry for a second or two.

Apply the glue with a q-tip. Apply the glitter, and let it dry. Then, cut it out, and apply with a pop up glue dot on the card itself.

Cut out the cards of course, then apply decorative paper on the blank side.

That’s it!

You like it? I made this set of 10, for a Valentine Baking Swap that I am in. You think she’ll like it?

The Craftaholic

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