Day 146: Little Owls Everywhere

by thecraftaholic


“All religions are essentially the same in their goal of developing a good heart so that we may become better human beings.”

What does this mean? I think it comes down to the idea of just going beyond the idea of labels. Why must we insist on labeling ourselves? When we do this we separate ourselves and create division.

Go beyond the comfort of “staying within your pack”, and just work on your inner self. If we all do this, then perhaps we can be further surrounded by peace.

Think about it. What does it mean to be spiritual? It’s just an idea of trying to develop a good heart, and slowly tread towards our spiritual goal, which is just the state of Nirvana, no matter what we call it.

To be good is simply defined as “moral or virtuous”.  Although we all define our own morality, we can agree that having a virtuous heart, is certainly something we all seek.

Perhaps you can try to achieve this, by going beyond the labels that we and society put on us. We can also try doing something for others. Think of others before you think of yourself. Try making your art, just for art’s sake, and maybe try donating your time or your art to something you believe in. In this way, we can slowly tread towards having a good heart.

Today I made another set of books. I know, I am unstoppable. But I have this pretty paper, and so I want to show it off.

I made a set of little owl journals. Cute, right? I love them. One of them is for sale, in my shop. The other is going in a pile of books to give away somehow.

Speaking of giving away, I do have a plan for my knitwear. Some time ago, you may remember that I said I wanted to make scarfs to give randomly to homeless people throughout NYC. I didn’t have enough donations for my efforts, and I started a bit late, so I am going to do the giveaway this coming December.

I would love for you all to donate some scarves to my efforts! This December, I’ll be giving them away. You can also plan to collect a bunch of scarves on your own and come with me. You can also do a “Scarves for the Homeless” in your city! If you do, let me know.