Day 145: Mixed Media Collaged Journal Page

by thecraftaholic


“The ultimate way to solve human problems is with nonviolence.”

It seems like we try to agree with this. Right? What does non violence mean?

Well, I can tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean arguing. It doesn’t mean that instead of fighting with hands, you fight with words. Your words have power, more than your hands do. Through your words, you can heal or destruct someone. It’s sad, that most of us, we pretend to understand this, but we do not truly get it.

What we do know, is that we want good things to come to us. But we still label ourselves and others. We still form cliques. We still exclude people, in a childish fashion, as if we were “good enough” to exlude someone. As if we have some right to leave someone out. This is a violent thing we do, act in these childish ways.

Non violence. Hmm. I doubt that you ever saw Ghandi or Mother Theresa leaving someone out. You are probably thinking, well I don’t really want to be Ghandi or Mother Theresa. I know. Neither do I. But my point is that these two people are the prime example of what a compassionate life is.

Life isn’t about adding to your bank account, or trying to be someone famous. I doubt very much that Ghandi said to his wife, “you know I just want to be a world leader, and become very famous and have a movie made of my life.”  He didn’t. He just knew what his calling was in life, and chose to pursue it, through peace and non violence. The opposite of peace is strife, right? Who wants that? Not me. So if you want peace and non violence in your life, then show it. Be it. Find your passion, your calling in life, and just pursue it. You don’t have to be the next Martha Stewart. There is only one Martha Stewart, Fridha Kahlo, or Ghandi. They all have distinct roles in life.

Your soul will tell you what your life’s calling is; your passion and drive will get you there.

I don’t think that Martha Stewart has to try hard to be her. She just is who she is, and does what she does. Like birds just fly. That’s what they do. They don’t have to over analyze it. They just are. So just be who you are. Take steps forward, and move. One foot in front of the other. That will get you there. Just move. Life, and move within yourself. Just like the birds in the sky. They just are. They know how to be a bird, because that is what they are.

That’s what is so wonderful about art. Through our art and our creativity, we can discover ourselves. We can find out who we are. Do what comes naturally.

Speaking of art, my creative endeavor today, I am sharing with you today, a journal page from my sketchbook. There’s a small book that I made, with some collage work with my poetry. The little book is glued on the collaged page. The owl is there, of course because as you all know, I love owls.

The book is made of grocery bags.

This page features my poem, “I was afraid to speak”

La Dama.

This is my poem, “Once upon a time, while sleeping”.

My poem, “Cellophane Girl”

Like it? I hope you do.

The Craftaholic