Day 144: Kokeshi Doll Journal/Sketchbook

by thecraftaholic


“Ignorance is the source of hatred, and the way to get rid of ignorance is realization.”

Ignorance. This is the reason why there is so much division in the world. Ignorance. Some people say, that ignorance is bliss. The bible says, “thru ignorance, my people perish”. I think the latter is true. It is. Due to ignorance, we make judgments, we assume, we respond emotionally. But we must learn to respond with reason, and we must learn to seek knowledge.

I wrote a poem about how I feel about this quote. It’s called, “To seek knowledge”

Knowledge              Ignorance

ignorance made me bitter

knowledge made me

okay with waiting, it

caused me to

forgive and

move on


don’t hold a grudge

against you

you hurt me

it’s true

tossed me aside, you did and

displayed a lack of love or


but it’s alright now


don’t hate or remember the pain

I forgave

I buried it

I have knowledge



bitterness is hell on earth

this is the knowledge

that made ME

feel sorry for you.

I think that in relating this to art, we must look at ourselves. We must go beyond the labels we put on ourselves. We must seek knowledge and wisdom (which go together, hand in hand). Then, in this way, we can turn our knowledge on to our art. Share a message with your art.

Today, I made a couple of journals. I’m in a journal swap, and my partner likes Harajuku dolls. So I found this lovely paper, and made a couple of journals. I made one for my swap, and one for my etsy shop.

You think she’ll like it? I have to make her a matching bookmark. If only I weren’t so stingy with my paper.

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