Thoughts about Successes and Accomplishments

by thecraftaholic

So you may or may not know, that I follow the blog of Andrea Schroeder,  who has a one year challenge, or adventure to pursue your dreams, etc.

Anyway, one of her assignments (yes, assignments and of course, I am late) was to share your list of sucesses. This is a hard thing for me, since I am such a critic of myself!

(this is my daughter, posing after helping me punch down some dough)

So, here goes. My list of successes:

  • learned to knit & crochet
  • found my artistic muse
  • learned bookbinding, my true love
  • opened up my etsy shop
  • learned how to focus my creative ideas
  • moved to Brooklyn, NY
  • started my own craft group, due to my unsatisfaction and lack of craft groups in NYC
  • learned to make soap & handmade body products
  • learned about holistic medicine, which I now practice
  • found my spirituality
  • sold my handmade goods in craft fairs, BEFORE etsy
  • found an OBGYN that I feel comfortable with
  • found a birth control method that I feel comfortable with
  • weaned my daughter
  • learned to love myself and the world around me
  • learned about the Law of Attraction, and the power of the self
  • grew my craft workshops and classes
  • learned to let go of friendships and relationships that are not positive
  • traveled to Puerto Rico, climbed up a legendary mountain and walked within the rainforest
  • blogged for over a year
  • learned how to take product photos (to photograph my work)
  • paid off my credit card debt (woot!)
  • opened up my own buisness selling my handmade art journals and paper goods
  • re-established a relationship with my parents
  • rode a horse for the first time
  • forgave myself
  • built up a nice collection of vintage records
  • built up a cool collection of vintage owls
  • discovered how much I love to make art shrines
  • let go of the past
  • learned to make a really mean cup of coffee
  • bought my first non-homemade computer
  • married my soul mate
  • gave birth to my daughter, Dakota
  • forgave them. and let them go
  • learned to use a sewing machine

What do you think?

The Craftaholic