This is MY life-UPDATED

by thecraftaholic

(this is a picture of my little one, this past summer. We were on our way to Coney Island.)

I emphasized the word my, because as a mom and a wife, I get so caught up doing things for everyone else, I sometimes I forget about myself!

So Andrea Shroeder has made another assignment that I am late on. This one, is to make a life list. A life list, meaning you make a list of small goals that you can achieve this year. They are proclamations for your self. These are focused on what you’re doing this year, for 2010.  There’s one list for several categories.

Here’s my list:

  • this is my health

I will do yoga at least once a week

I will meditate as often as I can

I will eat less refined sugars and white flour

I will NOT salt my food. too much.

  • these are my relationships

go on regular dates with my husband

be the friend to others, that I seek in others

I will show compassion to others

I will let love and kindness in

  • this is my buisiness

I will double my income this year

I will continue blogging

I will sell my work in stores and shops throughout the U.S.

I will set up my own website

I will design and post ads throughout

I will be PROUD of my work no matter what

  • this is my creativity/purpose

I will make art, for art’s sake.
I will make art every day, when possible
I will make art with my daughter
I will try to sell my handmade journals in fairs and markets

I will get published

  • this is how i practice self-love/self-care

I will take a long hot bubble bath, at least once a week
I will get regular manicures
I will write/draw/imagine in my journal regularly

  • this is how i experience happiness/adventure

I will take regular day trips with my husband, out of the city

I will be more spontaneous

I will remember to respond to a situation with reason not emotion

So, what do you think? What are YOUR goals for this year?

So, here’s the update.

I do remember to take my vitamins every day. Usually. And I drink more water. I have a to go mug, to bring my coffee in, to be more eco-friendly.

Next month, I’m going to be teaching a class on making your own handmade soap, and want to get back into making my own soap.

It’s too hot for a hot bath, but I practice self love by making yummy desserts, and making lovely craftiness just for me.

Getting out of the city is hard when you rely on the metropolitan transportation authority.

But I’m trying.

I am.

I make art for swaps and such now, so that is fun.

And when I make art, i get a project for my daughter to work on also, or she watches me thru parts of it. That’s fun.

The Craftaholic