Day 137: Make a Collaged Valentine Card two ways

by thecraftaholic


“Freedom is the real source of human happiness and creativity.”

What is freedom? Does freedom mean leaving your wife and children? Does it mean you must get in your car with the windows down, singing “freefalling” by Tom Petty? While it is an awesome song (in my opinion), I certainly do not think that this is what the Dalai Lama meant in the above quote.

Freedom is a state of mind. Right?

I once heard a preacher tell an interesting analogy. He told a story of two cows. One cow lived it’s whole life in a small boxed fence, leaving the poor cow to only be able to pace back and forth and back and forth. The other was in an open prairie. At one point, the confined cow was released. What did the cow do? The cow, in an open field, still paced back and forth, and back and forth.

This is what the mind does. Our mind can either free us or imprison us. We must break away from our old pattern of thinking, and our old mentality that tells us we must think as society tells us. Think for yourself, form your own opinions, and question everything. Free your mind, and as the song goes, the rest will follow. It’s true. En Vogue said it, the Buddha said it, and I’m saying it. Free your mind, by questioning the world around you. Ask why. Ask how. Free your mind, by letting go, and putting one foot in front of the other. Move. Walk. Run. Freedom awaits.

With our art, we also get confined at times, don’t we? As artists and crafters, we all have our strength. Some of us, like me, we are handy with many mediums. But we all have our strength. My strength, I would say, is my bookbinding. I love that. I think the thing is we get so comfortable with one medium. It’s often hard for me to try something new, because my mind has already told me that I’m not great at it. But we must be adventurous! Don’t be afraid to try new things. That’s what great about taking a class. You can try something new with the comfort of having someone structure it out for you. Then, take home what you’ve learned.

Today’s crafty endeavor is a valentine card, two ways. It’s collaged, sort of.

Here’s one way:

This version features a chipboard bird, from Stampin Up. The “Lovey Dovey” is from a Valentine Brad set from Oriental Trading Co.

The glitter is Martha Stewart’s, in Toumaline. The little hearts are from K & Co.  The Background paper is the June Bug stack. The dictionary paper is cut from a scallop die cut in my big shot.

The next one:

This one has the same background paper, chipboard glittered bird, etc. The only difference, is the sentiment is a from a valentine paper stack from Target, and the bird is facing a different direction. And the heart is smaller.

Which version do you like?

I’m almost done with a cool cowl I’ve been making. I will finish it soon, so I can post up the pattern tomorrow. Alright? It’s the “New Yorker” Cowl, inspired by the hipsters I see throughout the city.

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