Day 134: Make Postage Paper Art

by thecraftaholic


“If the mind is dominated by hatred, the best part of the brain which is used to judge right and wrong, does not function properly.”

This reminds me of those days when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You know those days, when you just don’t feel like being anyone’s wife or mother. You just feel like retreating somewhere.

New York City is such an interesting place. It’s so full of people. Everywhere. Here, you can always count on something being open.  Hustle and bustle. With this scurry, there is also the negative aspect of being in the city: the rush, the crowded trains, the overpriced rental property, the landlords that get away with murder. Sometimes we city folk get so caught up with the negativity that we often begin to let it fill our mind and our heart.

We often allow this negativity to consume us. Bad things happen all the time. It’s life. That’s just the way it is. The world around us does not have to determine our mood or the way we look at life. Christians have a saying, “we are in the world but not of the world”. They say this meaning that we are not to get consumed with the materialism and ego of the world around us. It’s an interesting thought. Don’t let the bastards drag you down. That’s my thought.

It reminds me of an episode of the golden girls. The ladies are sitting at the kitchen table chatting about the time they got their period. Then, Estelle Getty (as Sophia) says, “I got it, nobody told me. I didn’t get it, nobody told me. I figured, ‘that’s life’, and went back to my meatballs.”

I love that. It’s true, we just need to not let ourselves get so consumed by the world around us. Put your faith in you, and in your hard work and your efforts to make your dreams come true, and then get back to your knitting, lest you end up feeling uninspired and end up eating chocolate, right out of the box.

Today’s crafty endeavor is so much fun. I discovered something at my local stamp store, called “Postage Paper”. I bought it of course. I thought I had discovered all there was to discover with paper arts! But each day I learn something new.

It’s easy to make some mixed media postage paper art. It’s apparently called “Artistamps”.

I made a few today, and made a little accordion book for my stamps, so I can showcase them properly. I haven’t filled it, but I will in time. The accordion book is just a couple pieces of scrap card stock, glued and folded in an accordion.

To color the back ground, I used my own shimmer mist. You should just make your own, I think.

Here’s what the background looked like. I used gold, red, and brown glimmer mist.

Here’s the finished work!

This one includes a worry doll from my collection. Cool right? The car is from K& Co.

A spare matryoshka doll I had laying around in my jewelry supplies. The paper is (i think) DCWV, and I just cut a little cloud freehand.

Like it?

You can buy the postage paper from 100 Proof Press.

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