Day 133: A Handpainted Flower Card

by thecraftaholic


“The seed for nirvana exists in all of us. The time has come to think more wisely, hasn’t it?”

We are quickly approaching the half way point in my journey with the Dalai Lama to creative nirvana. I firmly believe that creativity and spirituality go together. They do for me, anyway.

Where is this seed of nirvana, this taste of absolute peace and happiness? Within us, eh? So then….we must alter the way we think about life, and the way we think about our creativity.

As artists and crafters and makers of things, we create from our innermost self. That much, I have learned so far. When I’m feeling wonderful I use pinks and flowers. When I’m not so great, I don’t know. I just knit for sanity’s sake. You know?

About four or five years ago, a friend of mine named Bliss, taught me how to knit and crochet. Perhaps it was all that nervous energy that I had. Or something. Either way, I started knitting thanks to her, and am always grateful to her. Knitting for me keeps me sane. It wards off the crazy people on the train (well actually, sometimes it just attracts them, asking me all sorts of stupid questions). In one of her books, the Yarn Harlot mentions that knitting brings you patience. Although I do agree, I also think that for me, it brings me anxiety sometimes.

For example, today I was waiting for the N train. It seemed that today was the day when the N in N train stood for Never. As in never coming, or never going to get there on time. So whatever, I was waiting for the N train. And I had completed at least 3 rows, when I started to think: what the heck is happening with this train? I better not be able to finish another row! But of course, I had completed 3 more rows before the eternally late N train decided to mosey into my train stop.

Anyway, back to my point: the seed of nirvana. It reminds me of when I’m sitting and knitting. You know, when you’re listening to your music, sitting on the train to queens or the bronx, and you’re really in the groove….like you are becoming a part of your knitting….? You know that feeling I’m talking about? That’s what I think the seed of nirvana is like. It’s like that point in the middle of our creativity, when we are so excited and elated with our project, that we become one with our art.

Hey. Maybe that’s what creativity and spirituality do together, huh? They bring us a little bit closer to Nirvana. Right? Woah. Intense.

So today’s creative endeavor is a hand painted flower card. I love this card so much.

My dashing and handsome husband drew a picture of a flower that I painted with my copic markers. I added a background stamp (now retired) by Stampin Up that has fun typewriter font words on it. Of course, I forgot the name of the stamp. Sorry. But I do know that’s from stampin up and is now retired.

Anyway, I’m giving you all a template for the flower, so that you can make your own beautiful artwork with it! It’s called a digital stamp, I think, right? You can print it out, color it in, and make art with it.

We own the copyrights to it, but you folks can sell the finished work if you wish. It’s more fun to make art when you know it’s not just going to clutter your home and annoy your spouse.

Here’s a close up of the flower:

Like it? I hope you use the template! If you do, I’d love for you to link back to my blog. That’d be sweet.

Hubby and I are thinking of investing in a stamp making machine, so we can provide the world with beautiful stamps. What do you think?