Day 132: Dye Your Own Yarn

by thecraftaholic


“Your enemy is your best friend.”

This is more powerful than I can even imagine. Think about it. I would rather like to think about this in the aspect of things, not people.

I mean, what is your worst enemy? Your worst enemy could be your bad habits, your bad temper..

But then, how can this be your best friend? By learning from it. We can learn from our enemies, from those things we hate about ourselves. Right? The key is to ask why. WHY do I hate this? Why do I feel the need to shop or smoke, or drink or whatever? There’s a reason. Dig deep. Learn from it. LEARN means actually apply it to your life, folks. Not just think about the why, and promise yourself you’ll do something,  and then not do anything. Move, and put one foot in front of the other. Move side by side with this addiction or this bad habit, learning the why and learn where it comes from, and in this way, it becomes your best friend.

Now, for today’s crafty endeavor I dyed some yarn! Oh, it’s so easy. You don’t need many steps.

I used Lion Brand Wool Yarn. They actually have these lovely hanks of 100% wool yarn, that can be used for dyeing! So cool!

I used a little less than half bottle of Navy Blue RIT Dye, about a capful of vinegar, and a few blackberries, to make sure that the color is deep enough (since I only had less than half a bottle).

Anyway, you probably should use gloves. I mean, I would advise you to buy some rubber gloves, and line your kitchen with plastic bags, so nothing gets dirty or stained. But I of course, did not do this. Nope. No gloves at all for me.

Anyhow, follow the directions on the bottle, but make sure you don’t agitate the wool too much. You don’t want it to felt up. Also, I didn’t use nearly as much water as they mentioned. I would say about a cup and a half for each skein.

When you rinse it, use cold water. That’s what I did.

I put the yarn in a plastic bowl to cool off, after taking it out (the instructions on the bottle call for simmering it).

What else? Hang it up to dry. I just hung it on a couple of hangers, and put it near the heater. Just hang it up over night. I hung it up first in the bathtub, to make sure none of the stuff would drip out on the floor. Then, when it was no longer dripping, I hung it hear the heaters.

Here’s a picture of the finished work. Cool right?

It’s easy peasy. And it’s so much fun. Now I want to buy a whole bunch and just keep dying my own yarn. This is so fun!

Here’s the next color I want to try:

Does anyone have any idea what I could make with this lovely blue yarn? Meanwhile, I soon will be posting another pattern. This one will be for a cowl, and is inspired by some popular cowls I see around the city. I should be done with it in about a week or so. I like to take my time when I knit. You know?

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