Day 128: A Beaded Bookmark

by thecraftaholic


“When a problem first arises, try to remain humble, maintain a sincere attitude, and be concerned that the outcome is fair.”

I chose this quote because I’ m thinking that what we normally do, is ask why. We ask, why is this happening to us, or how could this be. We act as if we are the only one in the world that matters, or that something tragic could happen to. But the fact is this that my husband reminds me of: I am not the only person who suffers in NYC. There are plenty of other people in perhaps worse situations then that which you are in now.

The thing is, we all have suffering in our lives. We do. Shit happens. Life happens. The thing to remember, is that we must remain calm and dispell the anger from ourselves. It’s just a situation like any other.

Today’s creative endeavor comes from a very old swap. I used to do a lot of swaps on swap bot, and one of the first that I received was a beautiful beaded bookmark. I keep it near my altar, because it has a buddha on it. It’s adorned with seed beads. It’s so pretty. I love it.

Anyway, I made a cute little bookmark today. It’s a beaded bookmark, which I made with canvas paper, seed beads, copic markers, and a set of owl stamps. I can’t remember who makes them.

But I took a picture of it, so you can see the set. Maybe someone out there knows who made it. I bought too long ago to remember. I do wish that companies would do what stampin up does, and put their names on the stamp package, so that when I see the clear stamp set, I know who made it.

Okay. So it’s easy. Just cut out the tag from your cricuit or big shot. I used my big shot, because I’ve got a kid and not much space. Plus the big shot is quiet.

Then, layer on a nice amount of Scotch quick dry glue, add your beads and add your colored in stamped image (cut out of course).

I cut out the little arrow there that says “truth” from a spare piece of K & Co. (The Urban stack, or something).

Then I sprayed it with some brownish spray shimmer mist that I made myself.

Easy peasy. Then spray some varnish over it, so nothing falls apart.

The Craftaholic

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