Day 124: Make a Mennonite Foldnote Valentine Card

by thecraftaholic


“Our spiritual needs are still great.” What does this mean? We are still beings that need spirituality. For some of us, this is obvious. Others of us, we tend t think that we can go on with life without any sort of help, or belief in something higher than ourselves. We don’t have to be fanatics. Just believe in something higher than yourself.

Today’s crafty endeavor was so much fun to make! It’s a mennonite foldnote! This is a method of cardmaking where the envelope is made by folding the paper a certain way. Then the envelope becomes the card. But I of course, am making a variation on this old, traditional cardmaking method. You’re going to need a regular sized scrapbook page first, for the envelope.

Follow the pics below, to see just how to fold the paper:

After that, you’ll cut another piece of cardstock weight scrapbook paper, to make your card.
Cut the WIDTH of what will fit in the envelope, so that you have a strip of cardstock the same width as your envelope. Then, fold it in three sections.
Now, just decorate the envelope and card to your desire!
Inside the envelope, I stamped an image of a pretty bird, along with some little flowers. Black ink is fine.
Outside, I used some sentiments (K & Co, I think). Stickers, and simple embellishments work nicely on the outside of the envelope.
I used some scrapbook paper from Target, and cut it up, to make a pretty border inside the envelope, and inside the card. You can cut some hearts from some contrasting paper. I drew them freehand, but you can use a cricuit or big shot.
Then I attached a cute brad and some ribbon, to keep the card closed.
To keep the envelope closed, I used a letter L sticker from Target’s own scrapbook brand.
That’s all folks! It’s easy peasy.

Like it?

The Craftaholic