Day 123: Make an Upcycled Jewelry Box

by thecraftaholic


“In this century we have made remarkable material progress, but basically we are the same as we were thousands of years ago.”

We are the same creatures that bleed, that are borne from a woman, that are fed milk, and then introduced to solid foods.

We take this for granted. We think that somehow we are different people simply because of our technological advancements. We think about our ipods, our psychiatrists, our electronic cars; but we are the same people who need love and spirituality. In that sense, we are no different from one another. But we choose to only identify ourselves by our differences, instead of seeking the common ground within each other.

Today’s crafty endeavor is so easy and quick.

This year for christmas, I asked my husband to buy me some perfume. I collect pretty perfume bottles. So he bought me a nice set of Mariah Carey’s new perfume.

Anyway, I saved the box, and just covered it with paper, to make a cool jewelry box. It’s so easy.

Just cover the the box with pretty papers (I used a stack by Me & My Big Ideas). For glue, I used a glue stick. It’s easy peasy.

I didn’t totally cover the inside, because I rather like some of the pink, in contrast with the pretty paper. I covered the outside with simple stripes, because I have alot going on, on my dresser.