Day 121: Make Upcycled Puzzle Piece Jewelry

by thecraftaholic


“We must all live harmoniously with our neighbors.” Why must we insist on picking on each other? Seriously, we humans are great at excluding others. Why, though? Living in harmony means we don’t have to separate ourselves with labels and classes. It means we can look beyond the external, and look within the person. Don’t judge a person by the clothing she wears, or the fact that she’s a scrap booker and you’re a painter. Who cares, really? I mean…creativity has no labels, or limits.

Today’s creative endeavor, comes from my daughter’s toy dump. Being a mom, I have many little lost puzzle pieces lying around. So I decided that I wanted to do something really cool with it. I made a set of altered art puzzle piece pins. You’ll notice I make pins quite a bit. This is because I don’t really wear many necklaces. I love necklaces, but I choose to wear very few of the ones I have. I more collect jewelry than anything else. But I love to make pins. They are fun. This is an easy project. I say that about all the things I post. But it’s true.
Get yourself some oversized puzzle pieces. It would be nice if they all fit in together, but if you kid is anything like mine, you’ll salvage one piece under the bed, the other in her toy chest, the other in your sock drawer…. I made a set of four.
The first step is to glue and apply some pretty paper to the picture side of the puzzle piece. I chose various scraps that I had. That’s a good idea for this project, use your scraps.
The next thing is to cut it. Don’t be too cautious with it, because the edges are going to be glittered. I mean, don’t rip it savagely, but still. No need to seek perfection here.
Stamp it with any stamp that has typewriter font. I used a set by Stampin up (a retired set).
Then, you’ll add some spray glimmer mist. I made my own, of course.
After that, you’ll just add whatever words or pictures you fancy. I clipped some from an old vogue magazine. I highly recommend high fashion magazines for altered art.
Glue your little finishing touches, then go over it with Mod Podge Dimensional Glaze.
Wait for it to dry, and then add the pin back. You’re done! Now, your shopping list for tomorrow, is to buy some epoxy, and a snapple bottle cap. That’s all kids.
The Craftaholic