Extra: My List of Dreams for 2010

by thecraftaholic

So you know, I am all over the internet. I mean, I spend too much time online.

Anyhow, a blogging and Facebook friend of mine, Andrea Schroeder is promoting this new idea: an art and creative community that is supportive and uplifting.

Cool eh? Participants get her support in learning to reach your goals and your dreams. So our first assignment was to make a big list of dreams we have for ourselves. Well, this is easier said than done, since I have my head in the clouds MOST of the time.

The issue for me, is not actually having them, but focusing on the the real actual future. I mean, winning the mega millions would be nice. But I have more practical dreams that I can make happen. That’s the key, I think, to having your dreams come true. Right?

Well, okay. Here’s my list of dreams for 2010:

1. Go to FIT for Fine Art or Jewelry Design

2. Make more of my REAL art collage books, not just frou frou stuff

3. Do yoga once a week, at least

4. Get a Tattoo

5. Get a car

6. Get more etsy sales

7. Get my book published

8. Make my creativity my career

9. Get my daughter in preschool (because of goal #1)

10.  Finish every knitting project I start

11. Get a sewing machine

12. Meditate every day

13. Eat less sugar

14. Leave the country

15. Learn to knit socks

16. Write more poetry

17. Get my zine off the ground Start my own publishing co.

18. Sell my art

19. Get more viewers and readers on my blog

20. Get sponsored by reputable craft supply company (like K & Co., Making Memories, DCWV)

21. Meet the Dalai Lama

22. Go to India

23. Move out of this apartment

24. Get a Tatto Sleeve. Yes, really.

25. Visit Jim Morrison’s grave.

26. Open my own shop.

27. Teach workshops around the world.

28. Publish a craft book that doesn’t suck (because most of them do)

29. Publish my poems

30. Convince the world that art is craft and craft is art, and art transforms you

31. Realize that words and books mean nothing. Only actions transform.

What do you think? Realistic?

The Craftaholic