Day 118: Make a Simple Shadow Box

by thecraftaholic


“…If you can really laugh with full abandonment, it’s very good for your health.”

Do you remember the last time you laughed? I mean, the last time you laughed from your belly, where it almost brought tears to your eyes?

I live in New York City, as some of you may know. It’s a hustle and bustle kind of place, where people (myself included) tend to take themselves a bit too seriously. It’s because we are are striving so hard to be taken seriously as artists, musicians and writers…like we have a fear of being laughed at.

But sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves. I mean, must we take our art so seriously? We don’t want to laugh at ourselves, for fear of diminishing our art and our life. But a joke is just a joke. Really. It’s not that serious.

One of my favorite crafters is Kathy Kano-Murillo (aka “The Crafty Chica). I love her because her tweets and her facebook updates are so cheery! It’s that cheerfulness that I take into my life. Her and I are both Sagitarians, and in general we are a happy-go-lucky bunch. Eternal optimists. But me with my unique way of being, I tend to take myself more seriously than most Sags. Maybe it’s my moon being in Taurus. Tauruses are always taking life too seriously. This is also why I hate labels. But it’s these labels that we put on ourselves that makes us take ourselves a little too seriously.

Anyway, my point is laugh at yourself sometimes. It’s okay to fuck up and just laugh about it. Really laugh. We all make “craft fails” sometimes. I think about my daughter. She’s two. You know, at that age, anything makes you just crack up laughing. So let’s bring a little of that into our lives. Laugh a little, every day.

Today’s crafty endeavor is a beautiful and simple shadow box. It’s really easy peasy.

You’ll need a glue stick, some pretty scrapbook paper, a children’s shoe box, and the word hope carved in wood. I got mine from the dollar spot at Micheal’s. You could also just use some scrapbook letters, or cut letters out in your cricuit.

The first step is to place the small shoe box in the center of the paper, with the design side face down. Trace the box onto the paper.

Then you’ll have to cut the sides, so that it will be easier to wrap the box. The edges will look cleaner. You’ll need to do the same for the inside.

After that, just glue it up, and stick it on.

Next, you’ll take your wooden “HOPE” word, and paint it over with gold acrylic paint (unless yours is already gold, which in case, nevermind). You need to paint it, because you’re going to apply gold glass glitter, and so this is a nessesary step. Glass glitter is a bit see through.

After that dries, apply some glue, and glitter it up with gold German Glass Glitter.

After that has dried, get yourself a small little trinket. I chose these little metal buddhas. You can use a cross, a star of David, or one of those cool darwin fishies (whatever suits you). If you don’t want anything religious, just use a simple star or heart, or flower. Just use what you have, and what makes you feel hopeful. Choose a small item that reminds you of having hope. I collect buddhas. I love them, for how cool they look when used in assemblage art. Plus I grew up pentecostal, and I’m a little bit of a rebel.

Anyway, glue all the pieces inside.

I put the box face down, and then glued them with Scotch Quick Dry glue. I love that stuff. I put a candle there, that I happened to have. You can buy a pretty candle at the dollar store, or even just use a tea candle. I like the candle, because it to me, represents hope. The candle always burning…you know?

That’s it. It’s a simple box, for the new year, to represent new hope for a new year. I hope you like it.