Day 116: Make a Sewing/Knitting Notion Holder

by thecraftaholic


“But without inner peace how can we make real peace? World peace through hatred and force is impossible.”
I’ve said before that whatever we want in life and in the world around us, we must first have within ourselves.
So this is true.
Today is New Year’s eve, and it’s normal for folks to drink themselves to a stupor. I don’t really make a set of real resolutions every year, I just sort of set some ideas of where I want to go in life. I guess it’s the same thing, but I don’t call them resolutions, and I don’t pin all my hopes on them coming true.
Today’s crafty endeavor, is a fun little notion tin.
I hold all my knitting and sewing notions in a little tin I made some time ago. I made another one for myself today.
It holds my darning needles, thread, embroidery needles, stitch markers and a stitch counter.
It’s easy to make.
Just get yourself a blank tin. You can get these from Oriental trading company.
Too bad that Altoids mint people decided to change their tins, because it’d be nice to just recycle.
Anyway, get some pretty papers, glue stick, Aleen’s craft glue, and matching glitter.
Glue and cut each side with pretty paper (both front and back).
Trace the back side, and make a template to cut out for the inside paper, and glue that.
Then, close your tin.
Carefully and with your fingers, add the craft glue to the side, and then the glitter. I do this for the back first, then the front.
Let it dry, and then add a pretty flower or embellishment to the cover, and voila! You’re finished.
Like it?
The Craftaholic
Ps. Happy New Year!
Let’s all make a resolution to coexsist and keep creating art!