Day 114: Make an Upcycled Card Accordion Wish Book

by thecraftaholic


Nowadays the world is becoming increasingly materialistic, and mankind is reaching toward the very zenith of external progress, driven by an insatiable desire for power and vast possessions. Yet by this vain striving for perfection in a world where everything is relative, they wander even further away from inward peace and happiness of the mind.”

Materialism is something I really detest. Materialism doesn’t just come in the shape of the average walmart shopper, who lives in Ohio and has two cars, children, and expensive clothing.
It comes in many forms.
We sometimes have this notion that materialism is just someone who shops at the mall.
Or someone who only wears name brand clothing.
But is it? Or is is more than that? Materialism can be you, in the yarn shop. It can be your collection of stamps. Anything.
It’s such a nutty thing, to to think that something made by a machine, could create happiness within us.
We must remember that we create happiness.
Sometimes we go thru these dark moments in our life, and we feel like shopping for our favorite items will make us feel better. For me, I love to purchase one or two little art supplies, because it usually breaks my creative block.
But we must learn to unblock ourselves, alone. Just by myself. Find out why I feel so blocked, and work through it, with my art, my prayer, and my life.
Art saves lives. It does. This is my message to the world.
Art can heal you.
If you follow my one year journey, and follow my writings, you’ll start to see what I mean.

Today’s crafty endeavor is a project to forecast the new year. Every new year, I make some sort of crafty item that forecasts what I want or desire in the coming year.
This year, it’s a wish book. It’s sort of like a scrap book. But it’s a book to enchant your life. Attract the things you want in the coming year, and the things you are grateful for, in this book.
This project is a lot of fun, and super cheap, since you are simply using notecards! I had a set of dollar store note cards I got at the dollar store, and just used that. You can upcycle your old greeting cards from Xmas! I don’t get so many, so i choose to use the dollar store cards. But this is totally an upcycled eco friendly project! Use what you have, that’s my motto. I don’t believe in the materialism of pushing products. I just love to create things. I sell the things I make mostly because I need space. And money, while sometimes evil, does empower one to do things like purchase new jeans and baby things.
So for this project, as I said, you’ll need a stack of notecards that you don’t use. Or you can even use the blank cards that you get at Micheal’s.

You’ll need to cut out a piece of white paper, to fit the height of the notecards.
Then, the white paper gets glued and applied to the back of two cards next to each other. This will make your cards stick together, like an accordion.
Do this for as many panels as you wish. Each card of course, will make two panels. So it just depends on what you wish to create.
Now, for the cover, I used the envelopes that the notecards came with. I just glued the flap to the back of the notecard. I did this for the back as well.
Now, get your embellishments, your stickers, and your photos.
I used the photos to illustrate my point. This is a book of wishes, of what you desire.
So do what you wish! Do collage work, make a little scrapbook of your desires…just do what feels right.
Here’s the front cover, of my little accordion wish book.
There is of course, an owl in front. My greatest desire is to grow as an artist, and continue having inspiration to create beauty from within myself.
When I was a little girl, teachers would always tell my mother that I had a “vivid imagination”. I would make up the most outlandish stories, just off the top of my head.

The next panel represents growth.
Everyone wants to grow. So the plant represents my wish for growth-creatively and spiritually.
The next panel is for my husband and I, and my daughter. I wish for my family to grow more close together, and walk together towards peace and prosperity.
The next panel represents positive change, blossoming, and enlightenment.
The butterfly is an animal I normally don’t use in my art so much, but the truth is, my style is changing a bit. I love butterflies, that is the truth. And I love that they represent a change for the better, an evolution of the self. I love that.
The next panel represents growth.

The next panel is about me. I have a sentiment there that states, “my true love”, because the greatest love in the world is the love of yourself.
If you wish to attract love to yourself, you must first have love for yourself. Love around you begins within you.
So that’s it!
Here’s a top view of what it looks like.

So if you like this project, please comment here, and let me know!
Do you like this little book? It’s hand made by me, with spiral binding, and canvas paper, to ensure that the pages won’t warp.
Anyhow, this book can be yours for F-R-E-E!!
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The Craftaholic