Day 112: Make Crafty Chica Bottle Cap Pins

by thecraftaholic


Human beings are of such nature that they should have not only material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well. Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind.”

I was tellling my friend Karina that I really am the type of person who needs to have some sort of spirituality. Not religion, I hate religion. I mean, like deep spirituality. I think that few people really have this sort of spirituality.
It’s important for us to seek something other than our own shallow ego. Right?
I love to blend my spirituality with my creativity. I feel like it goes so well together. Osho says in a book that I’m reading, that artists create from their innermost self. So what we make is a reflection of who we are inside, spiritually and mentally.
So what does your creativity say about you?

Today is another jewelry making attempt. Not so recently, I had bought a crafty chica charm bracelet kit.
With my kit, I used my own charms and things as well. I highly reccomend purchasing the crafty chica charm bracelet kit, as it is so much fun to make. I do have to mention that I ended up using my own jump rings though.
Anyway, I had a few charms left over, and saved them for a “rainy day”.
So here’s what you do.
Save a couple of beer or soda bottle caps.
You’ll also need two 1″ round crafty chica charms from her bracelet kit.
With a pair of pliers, you just break of the round charm loopy thing on top. Be careful not to split the charm and break it. Just go back and forth gently, and eventually it’ll come off.
You just glue the charm to the inside of the bottle cap, and then glue the pin back to the back.
You can also make these into magnets by glueing a magnet back instead of a pin back.
Depends on what you like. I like pins, because they are fun to put on jean jackets and shoulder bags.
Like it? I hope you do! I’m keeping these.
The Craftaholic