Day 108: Make a Bookmark and Pendant Set

by thecraftaholic


“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”
Why do we always think that life is just supposed to be a certain way? Why do we insist on thinking that things are supposed to go our way, no matter what?
Growing up I was taught this: that life is supposed to well, that bad things are a sign of unfaithfulness. I learned of course, the hard way, that shit happens. It’s not “god’s fault”, or the universe’s fault that we are going through hard times.
Perhaps the dark moments in our lives are here to teach us something. It may not always be the case, but there is always an opportunity to learn a lesson, I think. We can learn to be strong, or learn to not let our ego get in the way, or we can learn to not put up expectations in our lives for people or situations.
In the Christian bible, Paul wrote constantly about keeping his eyes on the prize. He was constantly in prison, persecuted for his faith. So he wrote that what kept him faithful to his god was keeping his eyes on the goal he intended.
In buddhism, I’ve learned that when we are down about a situation or person, it is simply because of our expectations of what life should be. Life is the way it is, and bad things happen sometimes.
It is up to you, the artist, to express your feelings and express yourself, through your art and through your craft.
My art, speaking of which, is my bookbinding, which I have just recently gotten back into!
I’m super excited.
Today’s crafty endeavor, is a simple bookmark, because I have Christmas shopping left to do, if you can believe it.
It’s a two piece gift set: a pendant, and a bookmark. The pendant was made by accident, as I wanted something at the end, a bead or something.
This is the paper I used. It’s by DCWV, the “La Creme” stack.
The folks at DCWV were nice enough to send me a couple stacks of their fabulous papers, and this is the first of MANY projects to come. I love this stack, because it’s got flocked papers!
How fun.
These are the stickers I used. Sorry I can’t remember who made them. I bought them at Target though, if that helps you any.
So I cut up the paper, and layered it with a sheet of polka dot paper, to look like this:
I got some really cool ribbon from Oriental Trading Company. I layered the ribbon and wrapped it around the back, like this:
Then, of course, I added the butterflies. I love butterflies so much lately. Growing up, I was really more of a tom boy, choosing blue over pink, etc.
But now as I’m getting older, I think I rather like the color pink, and pretty things like butterflies and fairies. Weird.
Anyway, the next thing is to attach the ribbon. I chose some pink ribbon I had.
Here’s a tip: save all your ribbons from Xmas gifts and such. That’s what I did, that’s what this ribbon is. Leftovers from a gift someone gave me.
I also save wrapping paper, but probably a lot of you already do that.
You see the pendant on the side? I wanted to make it to have extra weight on the ribbon.
Just get your plain pendant, I got mine from Etsy.
Attach the bail.
Then stick or glue on the sticker. Easy, peasy!
Tie to the end of the ribbon.
This is so easy!
Come to think of it, you could even just use an ATC, if you collect those things.
Like it? I hope you do! Now, I’m off to do my Xmas shopping!
The Craftaholic