Day 106: Make Your Own Upcycled/Repurposed Necklace

by thecraftaholic


“The right attitude toward others can be developed on the clear realization of the oneness of all human beings.”

The right attitude, the Dalai Lama says. We can develop the a positive attitude, if we don’t have one. Have the RIGHT attitude towards a person, or towards mankind.
I think a lot of the times our expectations get in the way of how we deal with a person.
We can choose to exclude others from our ideals, or we can choose to accept that everyone has a different way of approaching life.

So today’s creative endeavor is a necklace from a necklace! Yes.
It’s so easy.
All you need is a necklace that you normally do not wear, some extra beads and a nice pendant. I chose a pendant by Blue Moon beads, who’s beadwork I happen to love.
I happened to have these pretty leaf beads, so I used those, instead of the silver beads, as they were a little to “Santa Fe” looking for me.
So just string them along! That’s all.
Find a nice pattern for the beads. It’s easy, because since you are upcycling, you can use the original bead pattern, and just alternate with other beads from home. It’s easy and fun.
And it’s a quick and cheap way to make a beautiful gift for someone for Christmas, or Kwanzaa.
Here’s the finished work.
Like it? I do.
The Craftaholic
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