Day 105: Make A Photo Calender

by thecraftaholic


The essence of all spiritual life is emotion, your attitude toward others. Once you have pure and sincere motivation, all the rest follows.

We chase after spirituality, almost like animals chase for food. What we never seem to focus on, is our intentions: the why. We must pursue ALL our efforts, with the purest of intentions. If we are not sincere in our efforts, anything we pursue will not come out right.

So today, is a simple project. I made a photo calender, by reusing a 2010 calender from the dollar spot at Michael’s.
It’s so easy!
All you need is some pretty papers, a glue stick, a calender (of course), and 12 photos.
Super duper easy and quick.
This one here is made for my dad, who always complains that I don’t make him a gift. But men are hard to give for!
The First step is of course, to find and select your pictures.
Then, you should crop the pics and the pretty papers ( I used K & Co.), to fit the calender.
Then, just glue the papers, glue the pics, and you’re done!
You can even use photo corners if you have them, so the person can alternate pictures. But I wanted the album to be more of a keepsake.
Also, you could even put pictures that go with the month, like a picture of you when it’s your birthday month, etc.
That would be nice.
It’s a simple and quick thought, but here’s a few pics.

Like it? I hope you do!

PS. After the year is over, you could even cover the month section, with other papers and photos, for a fun little photo album!

The Craftaholic
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