Day 104: Make a Hipster Butterfly Hair Clip

by thecraftaholic


“Whoever excludes others will find himself excluded in turn.”

Actually, here’s another one that doesn’t need to be interpreted. At all. Just reflect on this. Soak it in.

Meanwhile, I made a lovely butterfly hair clip!
It was inspired by the many “hipsters” that I encounter living in New York City.
It’s so easy to make.
All you need to do is get yourself a plain hair clippie, which can be purchased on etsy.
So you’ll need some E-6000 glue, a realistic looking butterfly (I got mine at Pearl Paint), and some matching ribbon.
Wrap the ribbon along the clippie, so none of the metal shows. Glue it, of course. Don’t forget that.
Then, just glue the butterfly, on top.
That’s all, baby. That’s it!
This one looks cute, eh? I’m keeping it, so I can pretend I’m a cool New York City hipster. I’ll be the only hipster with a kid and a cheap stroller. Is it possible to be a hipster AND a mom? Hmm…perhaps…
The Craftaholic
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