Day 103: Make a Mini Memory Book

by thecraftaholic


Or else we can wake ourselves up, discover in ourselves an energy that was hidden there, and act with more clarity, more force.

I realized this today. I finally found my yoga dvd that I love very much. It’s a Kundalini Yoga dvd with Gurmuckh. I’m such a fan of kundalini yoga.
So today, I realized while doing yoga with my little one that we do have this…energy…this drive. Only three days into my newly renewed yoga practice, and I really do feel like I’ve awoken this energy that was hidden, that I didn’t know exsisted.
Find your hidden energy! How? Do some yoga! Relax, make art, work through the hard times, and realize that you have the strength to go through the dark moments, that you can achieve what you wish to achieve in life.
For today’s crafty endeavor, I made a little mini memory book.
I had this page of journal cards, that I cut up individually.
This project I made for my husband, for Christmas.
All I did, was crop the photos to the size of the journal cards.
Then, I glued the photos to the journal cards.
Drill a hole in the top left corner, and add a binding ring.
Then, embellish as you wish!
This is a fun project! So easy! And if you aren’t a baby wrangler as I am, perhaps it’ll go fast for you!
The sun was out, and by the time I got the chance to finish it, the sun went down. But most of the time on this project was spent compiling the pictures in the first place. I wanted pics that would remind my husband of the good things in his life.
I also added a little ribbon on the binding ring. Not too much, because it is for my husband, after all.
Like it? I hope you do!
The Craftaholic
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