Day 102: Make a Calender Magnet

by thecraftaholic


So there is no guarantee that wealth alone can give one the joy or fulfillment that one seeks.

Woah, man. This holiday season, why don’t you challenge yourself to buy less? It’s true that money does not buy happiness. True happiness comes from within, from being at peace with yourself.
Every year, I buy gifts only for my husband and daughter. I make gifts for everyone else, or I find beautiful vintage things for people.
Try to buy less. Buying and having things does not make you fulfilled. It just brings clutter. It’s nice to have a hand made gift-a beautiful basket of handmade soaps, some hand carved stamps, jewelry, or a hand sewn purse are all things you can make for someone you love. MAKE, don’t buy!

Today’s crafty endeavor is a cute easy thing to make. We’re making a magnet calender. I have this pack of tiny little calenders from the Ink Pad. You’re also going to need a piece of cardboard, about the size of your hand (with the fingers extended).
Get a few pieces of pretty paper (I used K & Co. papers)
Two strong magnet backs
E-6000 glue
glue stick
Some FAT Pretty ribbon
Aleen’s fabric glue

All you do, is cover the cardboard with the pretty paper. Make sure that one whole side is covered. I wrapped the paper around the other side of the cardboard, so that there wouldn’t be any edges.
Then at the bottom, using your fabric glue, glue the ribbon at the bottom of the cardboard.
Glue the calender piece at the center bottom, in the ribbon section.
Then you glue the pretty paper flower in the top center. Then glue the magnet backs with E-6000 glue. I used this glue so that it would be tough and strong, and not fall off.
That’s it!
I had some cute little marble thingies that I also glued there, to cover the ugly glue marks. They are hand made, I used some vintage papers from Alpha Stamps.
Like it? I hope you do! I had fun making it.