Day 101: A Book Inside of a Book PART 2

by thecraftaholic


Negative actions have the potential to increase, whereas positive actions can be destroyed by many adverse circumstances.”

I can choose to react to adversity with a smile on my face, or I can choose to be consumed by my own negativity.
That’s my simple thought for today.

I finished the box! I didn’t go to the copy store, because I’m lazy. And it’s cold in these parts, so I just plain felt like staying home.
But I finished it!
I made the book, I copied some pages from my journals with my crappy copier here at home, and picked out some artwork from my sketchbook.
I crumpled up the pages, so that when they’d look a little more authentic.
Then I drilled a hole in the front left hand corner, and added the cover, with a little binding ring.
Then some pretty ribbon made it sing.
Also, I found another Frida Card from a swap I was in, and pasted it on the front cover. I miss swapping! I might have to host one soon.
What else?

This is a little pocket I added on the inside of the front cover, to add little pictures and things.

Hmm, I think that’s all really.
Hope you like it!