Day 100: Make A Book Inside of a Book-PART 1

by thecraftaholic


The excess of egoism leads to disappointment and uncontrollable perversions, which always end badly.”

The precious ego always gets in the way, doesn’t it? We don’t even think about it. But it does. It’s in the little things. It’s in the clothing we wear, the name brands around us, and the people we choose to avoid.
The ego. The ego is defined by simply the words, “I, me, mine” .
I wonder if that’s what George Harrison was talking about when he wrote the song with the same title.
It is everywhere. The ego.

So all we have to do, is avoid the “I, me, mine”, as George Harrison states in the song.

So today’s Dalai Lama quote is brought to you by my personal favorite Beatle, George Harrison.
Today’s creative endeavor comes from a personal place. I’m a poet, you all know this if you read my blog. My real first art and first love is my poetry.
So in my venture to Micheal’s the other day, I stumbled upon this very cool box in the shape and design of a hollow book. I had to have it.
So we’re going to make a book inside of a book. It’s a two parter, because the second part requires a venture to the copy store. And I’m lazy, so that part will be done tomorrow.
For this project, you’ll need:
A Hollow Shadow Box Book
Spray Adhesive
Aleen’s Craft Glue
K & Co. Papers
Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter in Toumaline
Brown ribbon
Seven Gypsies “Autographs” book cover
So the first step then, is to cover the book. The subject or theme for this project, thought it is about poetry and art, is butterflies.
This art piece is about evolution, change, and life. It’s about my poetry.
So butterflies go nicely with this.
So here, I covered the front with the pretty papers.
I remembered that I had this pretty Frida Khalo card that I put in a frame, and I glued it in the front.
I also had some little feather butterflies in my stash, and I used that in front. A word of caution for them: use spray adhesive to glue them. I tried using some other glue, but meh. Only the spray adhesive kept them from coming off.
So then the next step, is to cover the insides. That’s pretty easy. Just take some other papers. The outside I chose to use butterflies.
The inside has this cool paper that has little vintage looking owls, and things, because I feel like it’s telling the story. You look inside, and it’s a part of me. The whole book and the whole art piece tells you a story of who I am. And so the inside has this fun vintage looking paper that tells you a bit of who I am.
Add some brown ribbon on the sides inside and let it all dry.
Oh! I forgot to mention that to glue all the papers (both inside and out) I used spray adhesive. It’s just faster. The “mock” binding on the side, on the outside, is the only part where I used Aleen’s craft glue, because for this part, you need a bit of wetness, so that the binding shows through the thick cardstock.
So wrap the outside carefully, and the inside with paper.
I decided at the last minute that I wanted the edges to have glitter.
You may of course, use whatever color you wish. I chose pink because I’m in a pink mood lately.
Stay tuned tomorow, when I’ll be making the inside book. Of course, you could just get lazy and decide to make it a catch-all for your tiny art supplies.
The Craftaholic
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PS. I forgot to mention today marks 100 days of creating for nirvana! YAY!
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