Day 99: Vintage Paper Flower Pins

by thecraftaholic


We are all here on this planet as tourists. None of us can live here forever.”

We are so into planning ahead, aren’t we? We hold on to things, and hold on to our property, as if we can keep it, or bring it with us in the afterlife.
But the truth is, we know we cannot bring them with us. We think that we can hold on to things, for our children, or grandchildren.
But who’s to say weather they even want these things? What are we really clinging to? Buddhism tells us that we are just holding on to an idea in our mind. We are just holding on to thoughts. But we don’t need the things themselves to have the thought in our mind. Right?
We should just live our lives day by day, make our art, and seek peace.

Today’s crafty endeavor, was brought to you by a cool blog that I stumbled upon.
I used the basic idea of it, and took it a step further.
Click here for the link to making the basic paper flower.
Instead of using cardstock, I used pages from a vintage book in my collection. It gives a different look, and you can cut 3 pages at a time, allowing you to make more at one time, since I hand cut all the flower petals. I didn’t use the cricut, because the cricut that I have doesn’t cut the exact measurements given. Plus the cricut is a pain in the ass to me. It’s easier to hand cut.
So here’s what I did.
The first step is of course, to cut the paper in the correct sizes, as specified (check the blog link above, for correct measurements and amounts, etc.).
After that, get your chalk and a good painting brush, and just brush the desired color onto the petals.
Make tiny holes into them, and put them on a brad, again, follow the rest of the directions for folding the paper petals, only be gentle with these, as they are made with regular paper.
Now you’re ready to shellac it.
You’re going to need a can of Aleen’s brand Spray Acrylic Sealer in MATTE finish.
Please be mindful to purchase the MATTE and not the glossy sealer. The matte means it will not have much of a gloss, which is good for this particular project.
When using the sealer, it’s a good idea to have some paper on the floor, and keep the windows open.
Also, spray a light coat, then let it dry, then spray another, until you’ve sprayed about three or four coats.
After that, let it dry.
Once it’s dry, you’re going to need your E-6000 glue and a blank hair clippie.
Apply the flower to the clippie, let it dry, and voila! C’est fini.

The Craftaholic
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