Day 98: Make Your Own Glittered Ornaments

by thecraftaholic


Do your best and do it according to your own inner standard (call it conscience), not just according to society’s knowledge and judgement.

Wow, man. Maybe I’m just lazy and it’s late at night, but this seems to be another quote that merits it’s own standing. I don’t think you even need to analyze it too much. The Dalai Lama said it all here.
Do your best according to your own standards, not someone else’s.

So today’s creative endeavor was lots of fun.
We’re going to be making glittered ornaments.
For this project, you’ll need six medium sized clear glass ball ornaments,
and plenty of Martha Stewart Glitter, in the shades of toumaline and kunzite.
Also, some spray adhesive, and various paper embellishments, if you like.
I chose some pretty butterfly type of stuff.
I’ve been really feeling the color pink lately. I don’t know why.

Alright, so it’s pretty simple. You’re going to spray the glue on the INSIDE of the glass, not the outside.
Spray plenty, and spray it on top of some newspaper.
Shake it around, and make sure the glue gets everywhere in the little ball.
Then, pour out any excess on to your paper.
Then pour in the glitter. Do it little by little. Pour in some, shake it around, pour in a little more, shake it around….until you’ve got the little ball covered!
I made three in each color, for a total of six.
After you’re done, you’ll need to let it dry inside.
But, you can embellish the outside!
Or you could even paint it!
Or you can leave it as is.
Either way, it’s fun to make your own glittered ornaments.
Looking back, I probably should have left them plain, but who am I to leave anything plain?

The Craftaholic
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