Day 97: Make Your Own Shadow Box-PART 2

by thecraftaholic


“The principle tool for purifying the mind is the mind itself. The mind is its own creator.”

Garbage in, garbage out. My mother used to tell me that. I’m leaving this quote as is, becuase I feel like it speaks for itself. No real words are needed here, to analyze or reinterpret.

For today, I’m going to show you my finished box!

So we left off yesterday at the point where you’ve put your main focal point pieces inside your box. You’ve made it look on the inside like you want.
Remember you must pick ONE subject, and draw upon that. So all the decorations and little bits and things, must go along with this one cohesive theme.
The next step is to make your box sing.
So I glittered the edges of the outside of the box.
Then I spread out a bunch of decorations that I felt went along with my theme.
I got some christmas-ey looking flowers, some silk leaves, leftover from a flower, and these little glittery puff balls. And letters, of course.
The flowers are Prima flowers, of course.
The next step is what I call “piecing”. You want to piece it all together. Don’t glue anything yet, just play around with the layout, move things around, walk away and drink a cup of coffee, then come back and see if you still like it. Look at your supplies again.
It takes time to make it sing. But it will. Just keep looking, thinking and moving things around. Eventually you’ll hit the point where you’ll find a cool layout, and something inside will just light up.
That’s when you know it’s time for the Scotch Quick Dry Glue. It’s easier than a glue gun, I think.
Then, voila! You’ve got yourself an upcycled, eco friendly piece of art that isn’t just clutter. Shadow boxes are great because they really tell a story.
This one represents peace, and my love of the holiday season. The dancer is me, finally dancing for joy, reaching for the ever cliche stars.
So make your work mean something. Make it personal. Make it about your poetry, or photography. Make it about your family, or your ancestors. But don’t just make pretty things. Make things that matter, things that mean something to you. Don’t just clutter your apartment. That would annoy any spouse or partner.
The Craftaholic
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