Day 96: Make Your Own Shadowbox- PART 1

by thecraftaholic


“Cultivating wisdom helps us to avoid these pitfalls. “
Wisdom is the reason why I love owls. Owls, in shaman animal medicine, are symbols of wisdom. The key is, they hold various types of wisdom. I didn’t even think about there being different types of wisdom, until I happened to look up the owl again.
All animals hold a different type of widsom or knowledge, a sort of…way to help us or aid us. That is why there is always one animal that we identify with.
I’ve said it before, for me it’s the owl. He’s known as the key of wisdom, magick, and the third eye.
Not only that, I really feel like an owl sometimes. You know? I can’t explain it. I just feel like an owl sometimes. Not in a crazy way, but in an I-collect-a-lot-of-owls type of way.
We should all try to seek wisdom in it’s purest form, so that we can avoid the silly mistakes that we make.
My mother used to tell me in her deepest Hispanic accent, “Dianita, you have to think before you talk”. Being a true sagitarius, I did have occasions where I failed to think first.
So we must think first. Think things through before you act on your impulses. Like when you are dieting. You get tempted to eat that piece of chocolate cake leftover from someone’s office birthday celebration. But you think about it. And you think about ALL that sugar. And, perhaps you make the right choice, and stick to your healthy lifestyle. Or at least, wait until the weekend to splurge properly, with your beloved.
Wisdom is something we can gain easily, by just thinking things through first. Think first, act later.
Today’s creative endeavor, is really cool. I love making shadow boxes. For my shadow boxes, I almost always use discarded materials.
So today, I’m going to give you Part 1 of a tutorial on making your OWN shadow box, from recycled boxes.
For me, the best boxes, are children’s toy packaging.
The first step is to get a nice box. I’ve shown an example here, of what I used. A medium sized children’s toy package is ideal for this project. But shadow boxes can be made of chocolate boxes, jewelry boxes, cereal boxes…anything! Just use your imagination. I used a toy package that I recently acquired from the MoMa after going to see the Tim Burton Exhibit.
The next step, once you’ve gotten your box, is to pick your subject. All art work must have a subject and theme. This is why altered art and shadow boxes are great, because you can use a photograph of a loved one who passed on, or a tiny doll that you’ve been saving, or even just a pretty little jewelry box, showcased inside. So find your subject. My subject was winter/xmas.
I chose this, because I had these beautiful little white trees, and a pretty ballerina, that I both cannot remember where I got. But think of a subject, based on some fabulous supplies you’ve just gotten, or something you found in the thrift store, or something your grandmother gave you. Whatever.
Then, the rest is easy.
The inside of my box, came with a cardboard piece that held everything together. Of course, I kept it.
If yours doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Make one. It’s just a basic topless square.
For this project, spray adhesive is your friend. I wish they came in small portable sizes, don’t you?
The next step, is to have your pretty papers in hand, and cover the box. You may choose to paint it, but I chose paper this time.
For papers, I used the Graphic 45 Christmas stack. I loooove their papers. A lot.
For the edges, if your box has pretty edging, like mine did, you may choose to keep it. Take the plastic off of the box, and then cut it up carefully.
I also chose to glitter the edges. To do that, use some good strong quick drying glue, and put a piece of paper underneath the edges, so you don’t waste any glitter, and it doesn’t stick to the cardboard.
For glitter, I used the Martha Stewart brand, in Lapiz.
Now comes the inside. I covered the inside cardboard with more coordinating papers by Graphic 45. I used a pretty snowfall paper, to highlight the “winter” theme of my scene.
The rest is just piecing it all together. These pictures came out great because the sun was out. By the time I got to piecing it all together the sun was down.
But I’m not finished! Tomorow, there will be part two. You can’t just stick a couple things in a paper covered box, and call it art. You’ve got to finish it, make it sing.
So tomorow, I’ll be finishing my box, and giving you tips on how to make your box “sing”.